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  • DIY Young Coconut Planter
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DIY Young Coconut Planter

DIY Young Coconut Planter

I’ve said this before, we love planters…

Recently, I was in Thailand for the weekend and I started noticing more and more, the gorgeous planters that are placed within the trees, housing absolutely exquisite plants of all types including succulents, creepers and my favourite — orchids.

How simple?!

These can be used indoors, on a coffee table, or strung from a wall or ceiling — and they look amazing!

Not to mention the many advantages of growing plants within a coconut — The coconut has so many nutrients that help the plant grow, it’s easy and super cheap, and they are completely natural — and who doesn’t love environmentally friendly home decor?

Here is a quick and easy ‘How to’ so you can make your own at home!

If you want a ready made planter, check out the gorgeous colours and shapes that we have in store here>>

What you need:
  • Young coconut
  • Knife (or anything you can use to cut open the coconut)
  • Drill
  • Paint (or, go for a natural finish and skip the paint)
  • Potting soil
  • Plants (succulents look amazing in the coconut, and they are easy to take care of)


Step 1: Make 1-3 small holes in the bottom
First, you need to make between 1-3 small holes in the bottom of the coconut using either a screw driver, or a drill. Drain the coconut water out. This will help the water to drain and not rot the root of the plant.

Step 2: Cut the top off the Coconut
You then need to cut a hole in the top of the young coconut and scoop out the ‘meat’. Make the hole big enough to sit your plant in it, leaving a one inch ‘ridge’ at the top of the coconut.

Step 3: Paint your planter!
Once the coconut is dry, you can paint it! This is totally optional, as it looks just as amazing ‘au natural’. If you wish to paint it, you can choose a base colour that works well with other decor in the room/outside. After this layer has dried you can then use a contrasting colour to paint a pattern of the outside.

Step 4: Fill with soil
Choose the best soil for the plant that you wish to grow in the coconut, and once the paint is dry, fill, leaving a one inch gap at the top.

Step 5: Plant whatever you want!
Now you can plant whatever you’ve chose to grow in your planter. We recommend planting succulents as they are super easy to care for, but you can use whatever you plant you like.

Step 6: Choose a dish
The last step is to find a pretty dish that your coconut can sit on to catch the draining water. I like to use something small, or a similar diameter to the coconut, so that it doesn’t look to overbearing.


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Bec & Tess



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