Hanging Planter Happy Face – For Keeps
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Happy Face Hanging Planter

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Hanging Planter Happy Face


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You can't help but smile with a Happy Face Planter hanging around!

This amazing planter is handcrafted in NZ by JS Ceramics and is designed for low maintenance plants such as succulents or cacti.

We recommend putting a little hand-full of gravel in the bottom first (for drainage), followed by potting mix, then your plant. It also looks great as a vase or pencil holder. Comes in a natural cotton bag. Handcrafted in NZ.

Earthenware plant pot glazed in black and white gloss.

Size: 10 x 10cms

Comes in a natural cotton bag - perfect if buying as a gift!

Care instructions: This pot can go in the dishwasher but is best washed by hand, it'll last longer that way.